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CG Lock

19th November 2009

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OK. I’ll be honest here. The potential safety benefits of the CG-Lock could not have been further from my mind. I was purely interested in the promise of "new levels of driver control and comfort".

Spirited driving, whether it be around my favourite s-bends, roundabouts or even the yumps along the country roads on my daily commute, often results in me sliding around and having to repeatedly adjust my seating position and pull the belt tight. Not only is this irritating and distracting, it’s also uncomfortable.

If you’ve ever driven a car with a full racing harness you’ll know just how securely you’re held in position, and as a result, just how connected with the car and how in control you feel. That’s the feeling I was after...and the CG-Lock delivers!

It’s easy and quick to fit following the clear instructions and with the tools provided. It’s simple to use too. Just fasten the seatbelt then pull the shoulder section to tighten the lap belt and that’s where it stays. The CG-Lock grips the belt just above the buckle so you can pull it tight across your lap and it will stay tight. If you want to slacken it off simply press the lever to release the grip. Simple...but effective. You can pull the belt as tight as you like to help maintain your position and comfort. Me, I have it fairly tight under normal driving conditions and then give it a damn good tug – hard as I can in fact – to hold me in position as the twistys approach.

The effect is startling. Because your hips are held firmly in position there’s much less strain on your back and upper body. Instead of holding on, you’re in control. Because you’re not using the steering wheel to brace yourself, you can use it to steer the car. Instead of constantly re-adjusting your position and being distracted, you can concentrate on the road ahead. This not only makes spirited driving more pleasurable it also makes it less painful. Honestly, since using it I haven’t suffered from any driving aches and pains at all.

Of course, you can’t ignore the safety benefits. If you’re more in control and less distracted then that’s safer for everyone – driver, passengers and other road users. And the benefits of being held securely in your seat in the event of an accident are obvious – check out the website for more details.

So, is the CG-Lock as good as a full harness? No. But pull it as tight as you can stand and it’s pretty damned close, and for a car where a full harness is a no-no, it’s as close as you’ll get.

Gav’s Rating:
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Second Opinion

If you are still wondering, a CG-lock is the much applauded gadget which attaches to the clip of any standard safety belt. The combination of angle and knurled wheel will allow the safety belt to move through the lock in one direction only until the easy release lever is pushed – thus the belt can be tightened across the lap and will hold until intentionally released (the upper body is still free to move with the normal tolerances of the inertia wheel). The effect is that the wearer is held more firmly in the seat than normally possible, with all the implied benefits. Full details can be found on the supplier’s website

As the slow one in our gang I wanted to try the CG-lock out as a way of improving my posture over long distances because my inevitable slouch always leaves me with an aching back. You’ll probably guess that it did exactly as claimed - by pinning my pelvis to the back of my seat I sat in a much better position for the entire journey. Result? No aching back - job done, worth having one just for that. But I never quite got used to the fiddly part of pushing the release lever every time during the process of taking the belt off again. It’s a lovely piece of engineering but too much of a faff for me to want to use it every day.

However – I have a beloved young daughter who I would give my life for, and I happened to watch the CG-lock manufacturer’s own video of how it improved the security of a booster seat. Test number three then, does it keep the children safe? Bearing in mind the release process of the admittedly simple device had worn me down, the real test would be if the daughter could put up with the extra effort.

It turns out she can and had no trouble at all getting used to the whole process. In my opinion the lock stands a little too high next to the booster seat but it certainly holds her in place much more effectively than the conventional seat belt (please note I do not have an isofix booster).

Mike’s Rating:
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