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Tom Tom One Europe Review

7th November 2007

Tom Tom One Europe

Everything you need in one box. - I was preparing for a holiday in France and had decided that I could justify buying the proper equipment, especially as I regularly find myself trying to find a new-to-me city centre location whilst on my own. Although, like all men, I’m blessed with a good sense of direction, I always wanted to avoid trying to read and drive simultaneously.

I spent many hours reading online reviews of Sat Nav systems and decided that the features most important to me were fast route recalculation, regular software updates, "street level" maps and, er, ease of use. I did not rate built in diary or phone functions highly as I already had both.

The TomTom ticked all my want boxes and often came out top of the reviews I read anyway and, as I had a first visit to make to Nantwich the following day I rushed to Currys to pay more than I needed so I could own one immediately. I could have shopped around on price and ended up at Amazon but the small saving would not have helped me get to where I needed next morning.

So after a couple of hours registering on the TomTom website for my first software update and free Traffic Camera locations, plus a four hour charge, my little helper was ready.

The first outing went like a dream; I put my trust in Sally (she talks so she has a name) and she took me through all of the worst roadworks she could find. My fault of course, I had picked the fastest route option and all motorways are still under construction, so I selected shortest route for the homeward journey and was thrilled by just how narrow roads can get before being renamed bridleways.

Sally and I are now inseparable; she has successfully navigated me round Ireland, through France and even into Birmingham. If I can’t take a suggested road the recalculation is instantaneous, the arrival estimates are always accurate and if I was affluent enough to subscribe to live traffic alert I would avoid motorway delays (I’m not so I don’t).

If you are considering buying a satellite navigation system I would wholeheartedly recommend you get one of Sally’s sisters.


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