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Creative ZenV (2Gb) mp3 player & Belkin Tunecast II

7th November 2007

Creative Zen V mp3 player and Belkin Tunecast fm Transmitter

More albums than you can carry. - I am blessed with a 10 year old car, it has an excellent stereo with a wide mouth for cassettes; I no longer have cassettes. I could, the Jeep dealer told me, invest in a 6 CD unit for my car, fitted for £280, or I could, I told myself, buy an MP3 player and one of those FM broadcasters and save £200.

The ZenV stood out of the crowd of players because of the design - smooth, simple and black. Most players share functionality so the looks for me were the deciding factor. Everything is excellent and easy to use. The software included makes loading and playlists straightforward and the large player screen shows album covers! More than 500 tracks queued up in a quarter of the space of one, rattly old cassette.

The Tunecast II FM broadcaster came along as soon as I got fed up with the rattles from the cheap electronic cassette I first used to play the ZenV through the car stereo. As well as the normal FM bandwidth it has 4 programmable presets which you can also set in your car radio. The function allows an easy transition to another channel if you drive into an area where your current band is being used by a local broadcast. You sometimes have to suffer interference, especially when passing another car with a similar system, and it sometimes seems there isn’t a clear signal anywhere on the scale, but equally it didn’t cost £280.


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