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The Silverstone Classic 2010

Silverstone Classic 2010

Grinning like idiots, that’s what we were doing. Just looking at each other and grinning as the last of the monster sports cars disappeared around Copse corner. "WOW!" was about as much as I could manage. I’d just witnessed the rolling start of the World Sports Car race - the cream of the 70’s Le Mans and Can Am racers, with huge V8 Lolas to screaming high strung Italian pure race bred straight 4’s in Abarths. If there’s a smidge of petrol in your veins it’s enough to reduce you to, well, a grinning idiot.

classic cars in action at the 2010 Silverstone Classic

Value didn’t seem to deter the drivers from racing hard, the Tourist Trophy race saw the top three battling it out drifting through the corners in close order despite them being a Ferrari 330 GTO, Aston Martin DB4 GT and a DB4 Zagato - all worth the expensive side of £1m.

They say smells are the most effective memory stimulator and you could see from the look of the people gathered round us in the grandstands that the smell of hot oil and racing fuels being burnt in the purest of the perfect laps was evoking memories of racing locked in their minds.

When the race had finished we went in to the paddock and got really close to those fantastic machines and their heroic drivers. There’s something special about wandering around a paddock of a motorsport meeting and breathing in the heady aroma given off from racing cars, and the Silverstone Classic is an olfactory overload. The most distinctive odour for me is from the classic Castrol R oil that reduces anybody with petrol in their veins to doing an impression of the Bisto Kids. It’s just fantastic and as most car enthusiasts find it irresistible, I can’t help but think Dior should bottle it and sell it.

The other sense that gets a good assailing is the hearing, not just from the loud bark of an engine being rung out but that personal favourite the ting ting of a car cooling down after a good workout, it makes them seem alive. I like to think of it as their heartbeat returning to normal after hard exercise.


As you wander every corner reveals yet another sight to make your own heart beat that little bit quicker, from the delicate curves of a diminutive Alfa to the brutal beauty of race prepared Ferrari Daytona. It’s what makes the Silverstone Classic event so compelling - you can get so close to the cars once driven by your childhood heroes - Stuart, Senna, Clark, you name them and there was a car they had raced, and you got to see these wonderful machines in action not stuck in some stuffy lifeless car museum. Was that a D Type? Yep, and its sharing it’s garage with a stunning Maserati 250S - you can’t help but break out into a smile which broadens to an idiot grin when they fire them up together. Oh Lord, take me now and I can die happy.


It’s well worth going for the three days and if you book early or through a car club they offered a "buy one get one free" so at around £40 it was great value and with under 16’s free it’s a great way to introduce the kids to real motor racing. Don’t miss out next year its petrol head heaven, just be prepared to put up with aching face muscles for a few days.

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