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Caterham Seven in the Scottish Borders

Border Raider

Nick heads North Across the border into Bonnie Scotland and stumbles upon some of the greatest driving roads in Britain. More...
23rd January 2011
Driving Across Ireland

Driving Across Ireland

I’ve gone on an annual pilgrimage from home in Yorkshire across Ireland to County Mayo via Holyhead for years. Not only does it provide an ideal opportunity to let me properly acquaint myself with whatever car I’m driving and to kick back and enjoy a few beers with my mates, it also reminds me how pleasant it can be to experience driving in another country with a different road mentality.More...
15th October 2010
Magnificent 7

Days Like These

There is a Van Morrison song about a perfect day, spent with his family at Coney Island in his native Ireland, bird watching and eating seafood. The song ends with the final line being spoken "Wouldn’t it be great if it was like this all the time?" Which sums up today’s little run perfectly. More...
5th October 2010


Overlooked and Underrated, but maybe the most important part of your car. Nick comments. More...
17th January 2010
Palmer Sport Driving Experience - Nov 2009

Palmer Sport Driving Experience

Gav attends what could just be the greatest driving experience on the planet. More...
27th November 2009
Track Day - Teesside Autodrome - Apr 2009

Track Day - Teesside Autodrome

The first track day attended by the whole DA team, and for some, the first track day full stop. Here’s what we thought. More...
29th July 2009
How (Not) To Sell A New Car

How (Not) To Sell A New Car

With the global crisis in the motor industry, you’d think dealers would be bending over backwards to get your cash. It seems not! More...
28th June 2009
DA reviews monthly car magazines

Monthly Car Magazines Reviewed

We rate a handful of general monthly car mags. More...
13th April 2009
DA in Malawi

DA in Malawi

"Sorry!" I shout as my passengers’ heads make contact with the roof-lining yet again. This is the real use for 4x4s. Not mud-plugging or green-laning for fun, no, this is the real deal. OK, it’s not strictly off-roading - this rutted, rock-scattered track is classed as a road in Malawi, but it’s as rough as any green lane or off road course I’ve driven. More...
7th March 2009
The Nurburgring

DA Drives The ’Ring

You know those "100 things to do before you die" lists...the ones you see in the Sunday Papers colour supplement? Well, I don’t pay a lot of attention to them but I do have a list of roads and circuits to drive before I die and recently I’ve ticked off one of the biggies, the Nordschleife, the Nurburgring or Green Hell, whatever you want to call it. More...
1st December 2008
Whats in the barn

What’s In The Barn

The amazing discovery in a barn in Portugal...true story or urban myth?More...
29th June 2008
Le Mans Crowd

The Le Mans Experience

They say it’s the greatest race on Earth - Le Mans. Having not travelled to the four corners of the earth I don’t think I am in a position to confirm that claim, all I know is that it’s the greatest spectacle I’ve ever attended. It’s theatre, pure and simple. More...
15th April 2008
Prodrive Headquarters, Banbury

Prodrive Factory Visit

Prodrive Headquarters, Banbury. Mike comes over all spiritual as he visits this Nirvana of Petroldom. More...
23rd December 2007
Last Aston off the Newport Pagnell Production Line

Aston Martin - End of an Era

In July 2007 the last Aston rolled off the production line at Newport Pagnell. Gav reflects on it’s history, achievments and his 1984 factory visit that secured his future as a petrolhead. More...
17th November 2007

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