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The 43mph Brigade

February 20th 2009

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43 mph ?

Right you lot I’ve had enough.

The 43 mph brigade - you know who you are! It’s a beautiful twisty road and there you are in front in your Micra/Corola/Fabia/Rover, etc.. doing 43mph. I can’t overtake safely as there is a steady flow of traffic coming the other way. You then arrive at a village - 30 mph speed limit - do you slow down? Do you hell - you carry on regardless, past the school, speeding along, tunnel vision, oblivious to your surroundings. Come the national speed limit sign and you carry on, same speed - the road might be covered in mud, the rain might be hammering it down, dense fog could be blanketing the countryside, it doesn’t matter - 43mph it is.

Yet when the conditions are favourable, and the road is clear, and you’re passed by me with the safe use of speed, you flash your lights, you gesture wildly in my direction! Why, what have I done? I am not the one who’s just sped through the village. I’ve observed the speed limit in arguably the most likely place to find children/pedestrians/pets yet you’re the one who thinks me doing 60 on a clear road is reckless.

On the off chance you read this, please, next time you are out driving, think about what you’re doing and use speed appropriate to your surroundings.


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