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Fog Lights

September 14th 2010

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Fog Lights ?

Fog Lights. It’s not hard to use them is it? You switch them on when you need them and switch them off when you don’t. So why oh why can’t the half-wits out there manage it?

I am not on about the guys running round with the fronts on, they think it makes their Fiesta / Corsa / Saxo look like a Special Stage refugee. I can live with that, I was them once. No, it’s the cocks who flick on the rears the minute the first wisps of fog appear. They then leave them on even when they’re in traffic or when the fog has cleared.

How hard can it be? – "I can see the car behind me so I can switch off the fog lights" No, you can’t manage that simple action, you must be able to see the warning light on your dashboard, surely? Please think, it’s so hard to follow you with your fog light burning my retinas out. Your brake lights disappear, lost in the red, red light burning brightly. If you would care to look in your rear view you might notice that you are being followed, not by a Martian from the red planet, but someone who is struggling to see where they are going. Switch it off you cock.

Oh and one eyed wonders - the cars with one headlight out, don’t you just love them? My favourites are the ones who either pop the front fogs on to compensate or better still, full beam! Bulbs aren’t that expensive - £5 - it’s not hard to change one and even if you can’t manage it you must have a local garage that will do it for the price of drink. Fix it you twit.


[We’re taking him for professional help soon – Ed]

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