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A little rant to say boo to Peugeot

February 1st 2008

Peugeot 407SW

Back in early November 2007 I received an email invitation to test drive my choice of 407. I chose the SW as I was genuinely interested in the small estate, so I filled in my details and fired off my reply. Within 24 hours I received a phone call from the London call centre thanking me for my enquiry, promising a brochure and offering a choice of 3 local dealers – I made my choice, so far so good, I even lined up an interested friend so we could both try out the new model, good value for the dealers I thought. Then nothing.

In December the London call centre phoned to see how the test drive had gone - they were a little crestfallen at my response but assured me they would send another (!?) brochure and contact the dealers again.

Soon after, I saw the TV ad for a 24 hour test drive of the new 308. My wife’s car will be ready for a change soon so, in an act of purest optimism, I sent off a text enquiry and got rapid, efficient text messaging to arrange for a, you guessed it, local dealer to take up my enquiry. That was the end of that "good idea", I never heard another thing.

So in early January I received another follow-up call from the London call centre to check up on what I thought of the 407SW. I explained my general disappointment in the usual way but rallied like a true Brit and agreed to another try, only with a different main dealer as I had lost all confidence in the first choice. I was also promised a brochure – oh yes.

Imagine my surprise then when here on my desk lies a freshly delivered, full colour brochure...for the 407 coupé. The covering letter even requests that I contact my local dealer (that old, discarded first choice) and make my own arrangements for a test drive!

Good job Peugeot – you obviously do succeed in selling cars, but based on my experience I would imagine your customers have to be very persistent.


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