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DA Videos

Drivers Anonymous 2010 Chatsworth Rally Video - Chatsworth House, Derbyshire, June 20102010 Chatsworth Rally Show - June 2010.
Added 29th April 2011
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Drivers Anonymous North East Sevens Track Day Video - Teeside Apr 09NE Sevens Track Day - Teeside Apr 09.
Added 17th January 2010
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DA Lamborghini MurcielagoScreaming Lambo - Le Mans 2007.
Added 6th November 2009
It's all about the sound. Check out the full feature here.
DA Aston Martin DB5 GoldeneyeAston Martin DB5 From Goldeneye.
Added 18th July 2009
Join us in the passenger seat of the original Aston Martin DB5 once driven by Pierce Brosnan in Goldeneye.
DA Hummer VideoHummer H3 Off Road Demo.
Added 7th March 2008
October 2007 - The Hummer Happening. The official launch of the right-hand drive Hummer H3 in the UK.

Other Selected Videos

Ken Block Gymkhana TwoKen Block Gymkhana Two.
Added 5th July 2009
Ken Block. Gymkhana Two Video. Simply awesome.
Nissan GT-R 7:29 lap of the ’ring.Nissan GT-R at the ’ring.
Added 8th June 2008
Another awesome lap of the ’ring. Nissan’s new GT-R does it in 7:29
Who needs a low loaderWho Needs A Low Loader?.
Added 21st May 2008
The self loading Bobcat...great!.
V8 ChainsawV8 Chainsaw.
Added 27th April 2008
OK, it’s not a car - but it is a V8!
Radical SR8 NurburgringRadical SR8 Round The Nurburgring.
Added 7th March 2008
Radical SR8 breaking the lap record. This is fantastic. Check out the flat-out opposite lock at 5:45!
Awesome Driving SkillAwesome Driving Skill.
Added 24th February 2008
Check out this guy’s car control.
Ari Vatenan Pikes PeakAri Vatenan - Pikes Peak.
Added 24th February 2008
Ari Vatenan + Peugeot 405T16 + Pikes Peak = Driving God.
Garage 419 VideoGarage 419 Ferrari P4/5 Exclusive.
Added 24th February 2008
Exclusive interview with owner of the one-off Ferrari P4/5

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